About Us.

Linknami is a true social media marketing marketplace that connects both niche bloggers with fellow bloggers and brands and businesses with topic experts and social influencers. Advertisers can connect directly with experts and influencers from the user interface. Publishers can browse social media campaigns submitted by advertisers and share relevant stories with their audience that they see fits best.

Our system automatically matches relevant publishers to the advertiser campaigns and ensures that advertisers reach their target customers. Social publishers are shown a ranked list of campaigns based on their profiles across various platforms and are compensated based on the performance of their viral tweet, facebook & google+ message or sponsored post.

Linknami's social sharing platform is a win-win for all parties involved:

  • Niche Bloggers and Webmasters can promote their blog posts and messages for free on relevant social media channels like twitter, facebook and google+ and blogs of fellow bloggers.
  • Brands and Businesses can connect with top experts and influencers on twitter, facebook, google+ and blogs to create buzz about their brand, product, service and event. 90% of users trust peer recommendations, only 30% trust traditional online ads.
  • Experts and Influencers can monetize their social profiles and blogs and deepen their relationship with their friends, fans and visitors by sharing the latest industry news, promotions and discounts. Publishers earn an industry-high of up to 80% commission.

We are committed to providing the best and most effective social media marketing marketplace and to maintain the win-win situation for all parties involved now and in the future.