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Lol ok, maybe not truckloads, but read on to discover the amazing opportunities this free affiliate program gives you to earn money online!

Make money in a variety of ways whenever people you refer to Linknami spend money on buying products and earn money on selling products!

Referring Advertisers

  • You earn 10% on each and every transaction your referred advertiser completes.

Referring Publishers

  • You earn 10% on each and every transaction your referred publisher completes.

Transactions are

  • Direct Messages/Retweets on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Accounts
  • Sponsored articles on blogs
  • Full social media campaigns including messages on twitter, Facebook, Google+ accounts and sponsored articles on blogs


Your referred publisher creates a social media campaign including facebook, twitter, google+ messages and a sponsored article to promote someone's new product and earns US$ 650.
You earn a 10% commission on just this transaction = 65 US$!
Remember this this just for one campaign, imagine your publisher posts one campaign per week.

It gets even better

Since the Linknami affiliate account and advertiser/publisher accounts are merged into a combo-account, you can even easily and conveniently re-invest your earned money directly into advertising your own websites, brand, products, services too, this way, Linknami becomes a one-stop central to grow your traffic AND income at the same time!

Of course, you can always withdraw your earnings at any time whenever you want via paypal (check and bank wire coming soon). You do not have to wait for any payout dates to pass.

Login 24 hours a day to check your commissions, traffic, account balance and see how your affiliate links are performing.

Reasons why users should join and use Linknami

There are lots of different social media marketing services, however it is easy to promote the Linknami social media marketing and advertising solutions because of following unique features that Linknami offers additionally:
  • Advertisers can run complete viral buzz campaigns via blogs, facebook, twitter and google+. All under one roof.

  • Absolute highest publisher commission fees in the industry, so publishers can keep most of their earnings.

  • Real-time campaign matching feature, connecting advertisers and publishers as soon as new relevant content is available for publishing.

  • Publishers can withdraw earnings at any time and don't have to wait on specific payout periods.

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