Social Advertising.
Social Media Ads


  • Promote your brand, products and sites to a wide range of targeted consumers in real time via social networking.
  • Spread your messages on twitter, personal facebook accounts and facebook fan pages of social media influencers, celebrities and topic experts.
  • Social media influencers and topic experts start a discussion with their followers, friends and fans about your brand, products and sites.
  • Send your tweets and messages at transparent, fixed rates. Eliminate click fraud!
  • Select your target audience from a wide range of social media experts and opinion makers in your niche.
  • Customize your message to make sure that it reaches your target audience.
  • Tweet instantly or auto-message at a specified time according to interest peaks or your product launch.
  • Extensive traffic stats and click reports help you to optimize your social media advertising campaigns and improve your ROI.


  • Earn money by tweeting or messaging interesting and relevant brands, products and services to your twitter followers, facebook friends or facebook fans.
  • Earn trust and authority by engaging your followers in a discussion about the brands, products and services.
  • Easy to setup: Connect to the service and set your own rates. Takes just 2 minutes of your time.
  • Set your own individual rates for tweets, personal messages and fan page messages.
  • Earn 90% of each tweet and message. The highest rate in the industry!
  • Full control! No tweet or messages leaves our system without your personal authorization. Tweet and earn cash or decline the tweet.
  • Full compliance! Tweets and messages are clearly marked as AD to comply with twitter and facebook rules.
  • Manage multiple social media accounts from one user interface, ideal for agencies who manage many clients.
  • Withdraw your money any time you want, don't wait for the next payout cycle.